BACKMay 23, 2019
Investment Adviser,USA,Texas

How to disclose outsourced Chief Investment Officer/Investment Committee Member?

I have connected with a CFA (who has his own RIA) who I would like to use to help with structuring some core portfolios for my clients (sort of like an outsourced Chief Investment Officer). The idea would be we set some basic core portfolios together and then I have him review them quarterly for any changes to the models. I would also like to call him in to consult if I have a unique or complex situation I run across. To do this, I will either pay him a set quarterly fee or by the hour. I will be doing the trading and rebalancing on my end. My question is, do either he or I need to disclose this on the ADV and if so, which sections? Also, what would be the best practice for selling this relationship to clients, could I call him a CIO?